Friday, August 14, 2015

Well folks, it's been a blast.

Well folks, it's been a blast. 

Writing a beer blog was everything I ever imagined it would be - a lot beer drinking, forcing my friends to taste test 8 pumpkin beers in a night, asking questions like "Which had nicer lacing?" or "Do you think it was because of the lower carbonation?", and of course, writing about the loads of beer festivals that have started in the last few years. 

But alas, I can't be bothered anymore. 

I'd rather drink, than define. 
I want to taste, not transcribe! 

So ladies and gents, I'm ending it all with one last sha-bang. I'll be heading to Sierra Nevada Anchor Brewing CompanyCoronado Brewing Company, and Stone Brewing Co. for a once in a lifetime trip down the hoppy hole. 

Thanks to everyone who's supported over the last four glorious years - I couldn't have had so much beer without you.

-Linda Lee