Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gone Rogue'n

It's been a good week. I'm on a few week break from real life and had a couple of rare-to-Canada Rouge's in my fridge.

I started out with Dad's Little Helper, which was a 6% black IPA. It was toasty, mildly warm, and crispy delicious.

What always impresses me about Rogue is their uniqueness. This particular brew presented the story of the first Father's Day, a story from 1910 of a man that raised six kids on his own. Well cheers to that man - this was the first of a likely six glasses I'll raise to him and many more things tonight.

Next up was the OH SO PRECIOUS yearly Rogue VOODOO DOUGHNUT. And this year was by far the best one yet. I honestly don't know how they're going to beat this one unless they do a chocolate salted candied marshmallow strawberry s'more one next year. Really.

But this year was the pretzel, raspberry & chocolate ale. MMMMMMMMmmmmm.

Like last year's brew (chocolate, peanut butter, and banana ale), this year was a normal 5.4% and paired with dessert and doughnuts, but, now stay with me, I had it with spicy homemade chili. It felt a little like I was having a jelly doughnut with dinner, yes, but it really made the raspberry finishing flavour come out with a bang.

I got two of these bad boys as a gift this year. If you're anywhere in Ontario, GOOD LUCK because they sold out at the LCBO almost immediately.

I think the pretzel flavour made this year's extra special. Pulling away from the standard sugarly desserts, Rogue got a little sweet and salty! MMMhmmm!

Rogue will always be sweet in my heart. (awww.)

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