Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ginger is for Flavoured Fringers

Say that title 10 times fast.

Another rich flavour graced Ontario's LCBO's last year - Innis & Gunn's owned brewery Melville's. Check out Melville's home page announcing it's launch in Canada.

I received the ginger beer as a gift in January and finally decided to crack it open, since it's expiry date was coming up in August.

This is one of only 3 or 4 ginger beers I've had the opportunity to try, and I'm still yet to truly enjoy one. Most have been thick, syrupy, low in carbonation, and very spicy.

Now, the spiciness I don't mind -I actually quite like it- but similar to many flavoured beers (and similar to Innis & Gunn's oak-aged/rum/whiskey styles) the flavour is too potent for me. This beer in particular is MUCH too sweet. It kind of tastes like the ingredients might be....

- sugar
- soda water
- agave necter
- ginger

There's a slight malty taste, but nothing to bl-lager about.

Overall, if you're not really a beer drinker, and you want a sweet 4% drink that's kinda of like a long island ice tea, but without the booze, give this one a go.

I think I'm gingered out... alas, I have a few more brands in my fridge!

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