Saturday, March 22, 2014

When in Quebec!

The Saint Alexandre pub in Quebec City seemed the perfect place to sit by the window and watch the St. Patrick's day parade!

I had to go with a Quebec Dieu du Ciel, and chose the Rosée d'Hibiscus 5.9% strong spiced beer.

The server explained it best when she said this beer gives you a tingling in your cheeks! It's a bit bitter, has a familiar Dieu du Ciel flavor, and is a beautiful pink color from the hibiscus. It's definitely something to try but not a session beer.

That familiar taste is potentially from the ttype of barley or the wheat. After a few sips, the Rosée d'Hibiscus tastes very similar to the Blanche de Chambly with a small floral finish. 

If you like Campari, you'd like this beer.

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