Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beer Makes History Better V2

I decided to take the Toronto Urban Adventures Beer Makes History Better walking tour again. Yup,  again! Three years after my first time on this tour.

Did you know that beer was used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia?

... Note to all, watch the documentary "how beer saved the world". 

Have you every heard of a lupulin shift?

Well anyhoo, I had the Granite hopping Mad at C'est What, the cask version of the Market Citra (I truly can't remember what it was called, and we didn't know the brewery either... I know, horrible) at Betty's, and polished my tour off with all the Mill Street samples available. I stayed for a pint of their seasonal cherry ale but didn't find it to be very special. I did however learn how Mill Street gets their canned stout to pour like a can of Guinness. Check out the photos below, they had to develop their own version of the Guinness widget. Mill St also recently opened a new bar area that feeds its taps directly from the brewing area. How cool. See the photo below. 

I'd highly recommend this tour to folks either visiting Toronto or to those living here. I learned a lot about the history of the Old Toronto and Distillery areas and had a excuse to visit the east-ish side of the city.
Points go to James our tour guide who bought us butter tarts at St. Lawrence Market; they were unbelievable. And I got to buy that fresh pasta. If you've ever been to the Market, you'll know the one I mean.

Beer-wise, the bars we went to were perfect for selection. I love my cask ales.

One last thing I learned: Stiegl Radler is only 2%. Two. So I've substituted my morning grapefruit juice for it. 

Just kidding...!

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