Sunday, May 26, 2013

FREE BEER CRAWL!!! Sat June 8. Brought to you by the Duke Pubs of Toronto

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dieu du ciel, Mr. Populaire

In choosing a six pack to bring back from Quebec City, I thought my selection of Dieu Du Ciel's Pénombre Black IPA was a strong choice.

Here's the skinny:
6.5%, but tasted like a 4%. Why, you ask? It was really syrupy. Quite sweet really.
IPA? Non. Not in the traditional strong hop flavor. Sure, I'm no cicerone, but I'd really like to understand how this is a black IPA when it tasted just like a chocolate espresso stout.
Nonetheless, it is a decent beer. Great for dessert if you're having just one.

Next time I'll pick up something from one of the smaller brasseries.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A crucial night calls for good support

Pommies Dry Cider and Lake of Bays Crosswind Pale Ale.
Both Ontario brewed, and both will be had during tonight's crucial Game 5 of our beloved Leafs vs the Boston Briuns.

Go Leafs Go

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

La Barbarie gave Barbie a big belly.

Starting with the one directly in front of me and going counterclockwise, the IPA, the stout café eqitable, scotch ale, smoked rye pale ale, another of the same ipa, extra stock cream ale, rousse legere, sangri-biere.

La Barbarie had a beer for every mood.

IPA: Good. Not too bitter, medium hops intensity, a nice light IPA. Not an-i-would-seek-this-beer-out beer. I'll bet the German language has a word for that.

Rousse: Smelled like a brown ale, and I tasted cafe hints. Not thick but not light; it still has some weight to it.

Extra stock cream ale: smooth, with a powerful taste of malts that doesn't overtake the cream taste....was my partners description. Mine: smooth... Like taking a lick of campari (bitter) and filling your mouth with marshmallow fluff.

Stout: Smells like an espresso, tastes like a 1.5 part black coffee 2.5 part cream stout. Super light carbonation.

Smoked Rye: First reaction: this tastes like cow manure. Second reaction: yup. Third reaction: smoked vache manure. Wow. It even smelled just like it. The after taste kind of made up for that with a nice smokey, salty feel, but...if you're, into pie and le beouf, please, try this.

Scotch Ale: a vanilla hint without the overpowering scotch taste of something like an innis and gunn. No chance this is 8.5%...mmm. And smooth too. Very low carbonation. Recommended for a strong beer fan.

Sangri-biere: whatever is in this, I want it all the time when patio season hits. Light citrus, orange scented because of the orange on top, barely any carbonation but enough to feel like a beer and not a wine. Delicious. 9% of goodness.

Loved the last two, and not even because they were the last two ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Griffons and red dragons

Scents of espresso and maple, tastes of golden nougat sans the sucre. What a delicious beer to enjoy at this little cafe over cheese, beef, and chocolate fondue.

Gloria-l Boréal

Pure malt as it says on the bottle indeed. The blonde tasted much like a lager because of the malt, & @ 4.5% it was still refreshing and crisp...much like the waterfall we drank these at.

The red was 5% & delicious! It reminds me of melted maple syrup without the sweetness mmmm.