Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest

Saturday and Sunday, August 11 and 12, 2012 marked the first ever craft beer fest at the Roundhouse in Toronto. Why we've never put trains and beer together flabbergasts me

There were only a few stands, but they seemed to fill out the day well over the four hours that I was there.

The stands included
King Brewery
Grand River
Great Lakes Brewery
Flying Monkeys
Mill Street
Black Oak Brewery
Wellington Brewery

The event was all about the craft beer and food trucks parked inside of Roundhouse Park, beside the Steamwhistle brewery, and honestly, the food was just as good as the beer.

I went down there on Sunday, and spent most of my no-beer sampling time at the Tide and Vine food truck. Ten oysters and one delicious lobster roll later, I still wanted everything else on their menu. And lucky for all of us there, but one of Canada's best oyster shuckers shucked my oysters.

Gorilla Cheese - Canada's first grilled cheese food truck, was also there, and sold out of most of their goods by the time I allowed myself to drift away from Tide and Vine.

Once the Jays Yankees game let out (we won!) the fest got a bit busier which was great to see....which I unfortunately can't say about the bands, as the music was both docile and screamy all at the same time. Next year, I hope more energetic bands are on the bill.

Some highlights
- Meeting the Grand River guys was fun. They know a lot about beer, and were really great to talk to about different brewing styles and hops.
- One of the ladies from Great Lakes, named Erica, looks just like Erica from that show Being Erica
- Ran into Troy from Great Lakes and the founder of the Great Canadian Beer Blog - always nice to say hi!

All in all I had a lovely day. I got to try some pretty awesome beer and have some great food.
I hope they bring back the festival for year two. 


  1. Hi Linda
    Great Blog.
    How come no new posts?
    I am a beer lover as well so its nice to see girls getting into enjoying beer. Its interesting reading peoples reviews of different beers.

  2. Hey Mike, I've gotten a bit busy and haven't had the chance to get back on the blog. I'm glad you like it! It was definitely fun getting out there and trying new beer.

  3. When I was living in Mississauga, my friends and I use to go around to local breweries in Oakville and Burlington. I can not wait to visit again. You are located in Toronto?


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