Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where for art thou, Pale Ale?

Today I found myself dreaming of having a cold, crisp, and refeshing pale ale.

Ahh, the perfect pale ale.  My favourite style of beer.  So clear, crisp, and refreshing that it's the epitome of the "session beer" to me, because it not only has the drinkability, but its just so darn tasty.

Dreaming of this refreshing taste, I started to think about getting a gorgeous pale ale.  One that was about 5%, isn't crazy-IPA-in-disguise-hoppy, and one that's not too dark that it's .. well, really a red-head, trying to be a blonde (as a noirette, I'll never be a blonde, so I'm a huge fan of not trying to be blonde when you're clearly not).  Of course, my initial thoughts go to Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale, but since the only place I've been able to get that in Toronto has been the Beer Bistro, here are a few other pale ale's I dreamt of today that are locally accessible. (No.. I'm still not able to drink because of my concussion... Yes... I lay around dreaming about pale ales).

1. Lake of Bays Pale Ale - I remember having my first Lake of Bays Pale Ale in a bottle at the Grindhouse. It was when I realized that something was brewing in Canada... something that I thought I could only get in the States... solid tasting, proper beer.

2. Great Lakes Brewing Crazy Canuck Pale Ale - I'm seeing this one more and more on tap in Toronto bars, and no word of a lie, I don't think I've ever had it. Seriously, I can't think back to a single place where I ordered a Crazy Canuck. I have a feeling I'm going to remedy that the day I'm cleared to start drinking again.

3. Black Creek Pale Ale - Again, I haven't had this.. I'm starting to get worried.

4. St. Ambroise Pale Ale - This is a BEAUTIFUL pale ale that I somehow totally forgot to add to this list. It's just so.. so darn good.

Which ones did I miss?  I must have missed a few..

Coming to the realization that I haven't had many of the pale ale's which are accessible to me, I'm now quite sad. But this has brought upon an idea: When I'm able to drink again - I'm going to have a pale ale & pairing party.

Sweet dreams, dear ... lightly golden... cool.. clean... rejuvenating... friends.  I wish you many a pale ale dream tonight.

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