Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So That's Why They're Called Political "Parties"

Guess what I did today?  Well, got up, did nothing, baked a prune cake, did some more nothing, then crashed the Ontario Craft Beer sampling at Queen's Park for the Legislative Assembly.

A friend of mine works for... the person who... someone in a party... they definitely work for the government... the Canadian government for sure... and she brought me along to this annual Ontario craft beer tasting and selection.

The Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) and The Alliance of Ontario Food Processors put on this event for the selection of an Ontario craft beer as the 2012-2012 Legislative Assembly beer of choice.

After being at this event, and talking to a lot of the people who work in and around Queen's Park, it seems that such receptions are quite common... meaning, whichever beer wins this is getting a pretty nice purchase order!

Now, because of my current concussed-state, I wasn't able to sample nearly as much as I wanted to.  I did however have 4 sips from my friend's samples!

1. Barley Days Brewery's Harvest Gold Pale Ale
I'd never heard of this brewery before, and I got really excited at seeing the words "Pale Ale" right in front of me.

2. Muskoka Brewery's Spring Oddity
What Twitter tells me was the first sampling of it! I feel lucky, and can't wait to get it on tap - thanks Muskoka Mike!

3. Cameron's Brewing Dark 266
Newly met acquaintances kept coming up and telling my friend and I how great this dark brew was.  I loved that it was super dark, but a light beer of 4.5%.

4. Great Lakes Brewery Orange Peel Ale
I spotted Troy Burtch (Hi Troy!!) from across the room and we had a super nice chat.  I will definitely send you that email when I'm all better!

The picture of the two guys at the podium is the current and former Speaker of the House.  The former Speaker, Steve Peters, started this tradition a few years back, and spoke to the room about how his hops broke ground yesterday.  He was pretty excited about them sprouting!

Not that my vote should count, but I voted anyway, haha.  I voted for Amsterdam's Boneshaker Unfiltered IPA.  I figured, it's one of my favourite Amsterdam beers on tap, and wouldn't it be cool if the Legislative Assembly decided to drink BONESHAKER all year? Might get them in the mood to rattle a few bones.

Special thanks to my long-time friend Monika for bringing me along. I can't wait until I'm able to be out and about for more than 1-2h, and actually drink some of this beer.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.  One of my favourites from today is the last one - whenever I've seen that guy from Beau's, he always looks so happy!!


  1. Looks like a pretty cool, unique event! Glad you got to go :)

  2. The Legislative Assembly has a beer of choice! I guess Canadians like their beer, no matter what the party.

  3. They sure do. It was fun to get out and check out an event like this. I'll post an update when I hear back about which beer won!


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