Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinterest - What It's Good For: Online Dating, Contests, Beer!

As more people are accepted into the social media platform, Pinterest's popularity grows by the day.

Pinterest, one of the newer social media platforms to hit the mainstream, allows users to create category boards, and place images from around the web into their boards by "pinning" them - a method of seeing a photo on a website, clicking the "Pin It" button in their browser, and choosing which board the image will belong in.  The result is a visual representation of the categories and elements of a user's interests in an organized and easy to consume manner.

Where Pinterest could go next? Where or how might one use such information on so many people?

Online Dating
For the record, I've never used an online dating website, so they may be fantastic places to meet your one and only, but either way, consider what Pinterest could do to this scene.

People are connecting Pinterest to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, linking to their websites, and can show their geographical location.  It's remarkably easy to come across another person with similar interests just by searching for things you're interested in pinning.  So what happens next? You can then find that person on one of their listed social media sites and send a direct message "Hey, saw your boards on Pinterest, think we've got a lot in common..." and take it from there.

Think about the boards these relationships could generate:
- Our Pinteresting First Date
- Our Pinniversary
- Our Wedding Plinning (Wedding planning. I know, I'm reaching.)

OK, then what?

Pinterest will hold a contest to find a Pinterest Power Couple!  The Pinterest Power Couple account will be created, and people will pin their stories and photos, tagging each with a certain #hashtag.  The ultimate prize will be a Pinterest Perfect Wedding!

(This is what my mind does when I take time off work).

You may ask yourself what this has to do with beer.  Absolutely nothing, but everything all at the same time.
How else do you traditionally meet someone?  Why, sitting at the bar, and both ordering the same type of beer of course...

(No, I'm not holding out for that to happen.)