Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Drink 18 Beers in One Day

Someone happened upon To Love and to Drink by typing the words "It's my 18 today and I don't want to drink" into Google, which spawned this post, and possibly me re-watching Spawn..

How to Drink 18 Beers in One Day

Tip #1: Sample sizes count.
They allow you just enough to get a good gauge on the beer, and spend the time enjoying it.  Unless you're a trained drinker, don't go from 10-120kph on this.  I once had 24 bottles of beer in one full day, but if I tried that now, there would be no future posts to tell you about it.

Tip #2: Start out light, transition to dark, then go back to light.  
Just like Darth Vader did with the Force, you'll want to move up and down the scale so you're not throwing up all over the place by beer #14.  Darker coloured beers tend to pack more flavour in, and can often have higher percentages.  You'll want to start off with a few lighter coloured, 3-5% ales so that you still have the strength to make your way through the stronger ones.  Ending off with a couple of lighter ones will put you back into that starting-line state of mind, and you'll feel as though you have enough Midi-chlorians to reach 18.

Tip #3: Think like a camel
Drink water.  You'll probably want to remember which of the 18 you liked, what you liked about them, and which ones you didn't - water will help.


I know, now you must be thinking, "All right, Yoda, just hold on.  How am I supposed to find 18 different sample sized beers in one day?" To help you on your journey, here are a few places in Toronto that serve ample samples:

Amsterdam Brewery - They don't do full tours of the brewery, but you can get over 10 different kinds of beer during their tasting sessions.  That's more than half your quota right there.

Beer Bistro - You can get sample trays of 3 glasses for $6.  This place has the best selection of rare and delicious beer in Toronto.

Granite Brewery - The brewpub sells smaller, 3oz samples, in trays of 3 to 9 glasses.

Mill Street Brewery - The brewpub sells trays of 4 6oz glasses.  Complimentary tours are also available to help you walk off a few of those samples.

Folly Brewpub - A nice little brewpub in Little Italy that sells flights of 4 6oz glasses. They also have 400 whiskys, but be sure to ask the price before you order... I ended up with a $51 ounce...

Challenge: Write them down
If you decide to try this, write down where you went, what beer you tried, and which you liked.  It's a fun way to get your friends out to try new and awesome beer.

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