Monday, March 26, 2012

Solidarity - Crafting a Community

Stone Brewery - you've done it again!

This Saturday, March 31st, one of the greatest breweries in North America, nay, the world, is hosting an event of epic proportions at my favourite bar in Chicago, Timothy O'Toole's.

Stone Brewing Co. is bringing together craft beer (crafting a community, one might say) from breweries including:
- Stone (themselves)
- Two Brothers
- Great Lakes
- New Belgium
- Dogfish Head
- Three Floyds
- Half Acre

They're opening up 50 taps, including some limited editions, to celebrate the second year of Stone being available in Chicago.  If I wasn't concussed right now, I'd fly down.

My plea to American craft breweries
I know there are issues getting your beer across the border, but, maybe you can hold an event like this up in Toronto one day soon.  We'd sure love to have you.

To check out more on this event, here's their Facebook page:

Don't forget to love us too:

And if you're a Canadian like myself who can't make it down there, grab a Canadian craft on this gorgeous Monday.  Morning? No problem - have a Mill Street Coffee Porter. Afternoon/evening? You'll be sure to find a Steam Whistle Pilsner on tap almost anywhere you go.


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