Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm a Spring Chicken!!

Boooock, bock, booock, ba-gaaaawk!


Ok, I'll slow down... It's just that, with this concussion and all, I haven't been allowed to drink for quite some time now.  Drink, or go to super awesome craft beer events going on what seems to be every weekend in Toronto these days.  But I did something today that I haven't done in a very long time... I had a sip of beer.

Oh dear beer, how I've missed thee.  You are my love, what I dream about, what I want to take home with me every night and day.  I want to watch movies and hang out with my friends with you.  I want to tell the world about you.  I want... you... in my life... every day, now and forever.

Maybe that's a little dramatic, but as healing from a concussion consists of a whole lot of doing nothing (literally, staring at a wall in a dark room for weeks) I suppose the moment this bock hit my lips, it was as if Spring had sprung within me.

Amsterdam's Spring Bock is a Spring seasonal that carries a glorious flavour which fills not only your mouth with toasty caramel maltiness, but each and every one of your senses with a sweet warmth that lingers softly past the sip.  The higher, 7% alcohol, is hidden by the full flavour and fruity caramel that is ever-so prevalent in the nose.  The lacing was gorgeous, with a head that remained in beautiful tight bubbles atop this dark ruby coloured brew.

You may be thinking: All this from a couple of sips? Oh yes.
And I can't wait for a pint.

As for the two handsome wrestlers in the photo, the owners of Grindhouse Burger Bar at King and Peter (Toronto) stock only the best brands; currently serving up brews from Amsterdam, Muskoka, Steam Whistle, Flying Monkey, and more.  I may have asked them to see if they could get some of Muskoka Brewery's Spring Oddity there for when I'm allowed to dabble again...

Check out this Amsterdam bock when you get a chance.  But don't wait too long - it's only available from March to May this year.

My Recco's
Food: Considering I only had a couple of sips, I'd rather not go as far as a food pairing, but for now, I'll say pair it with a second Amsterdam Spring Bock.
Music: Fun - Some Nights.  No kidding, this song will become your "It's Spring, the sun is out, patio season is coming, song of the next 3 months" song.  Fair warning: the 10 seconds of auto-tuned vocals is weird.

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