Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Didn't Know Pirates Were So Into Nuts

I absolutely adore the labels this company has on its beer bottles.

I was lucky to try a bit of this Anchor Brewing's Humming Ale that a friend had brought back from California.  It was a hell of a lot nuttier than any ale I've ever had, so it didn't quite match up with my typical reaction to one, especially a Californian ale, but it made me want to try more from the brewery, that's for sure.

Its name "Humming", as described on the website, is "an ancient beer term, found everywhere from Robin Hood to Herman Melville, used to describe a strong, effervescent ale with a lot of character or just in praise of a truly good beer." I love this. I really do. Any beer that dates itself back to ancient times and ROBIN HOOD is something to learn more about in my books. What makes this little piece of history even better, is that Anchor Brewing is America's first craft brewery. First.

I was planning an April trip to California this year, but due to a fantastic concussion that I'm trying to heal, it's been postponed.

Humming Ale is pretty new to the brewery, first being bottled in 2010, so I feel pretty lucky to have been able to try it. It's available between July and November, so maybe I'll try and plan a trip down to San Francisco to get some right off the line, along with a few more of Anchor Brewing's brews. I'd definitely like to try the Liberty Ale, Steam Beer, Summer, and Christmas brews.

My Recco's
Food: T-bone steak - rare.
Music: 1920's Big Band/Speakeasy style.  Try The California Ramblers: California Here I Come

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