Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Beer: Amateur Day, or Just Plain Holiday Spirit?

With another St. Patrick's Day over, I'm in utter turmoil about the label of "Amateur Day" that many industry folk dub the 17th of March.

You'll read it on message boards, see it in the pubs, and hear it from the folks who work in our bars.  A main complaint is about having to make green beer, and about the immense groups of people pouring into their bars to drink as much green beer as they can possibly fit into themselves.  But is that so terrible?

Don't get me wrong, I understand the plight of dealing with the slobbering drunks - the people who drink excessively on St. Patrick's Day (I'm sure none of us have ever done that) and can't handle the sheer amount - who make the job just that much more difficult, so I'm talking more about the spirit of the holiday - the green costumes, the song and dance, and mainly, the green beer.

So to you fine, tired, and hungover people of March 18th, I ask:

Is it so wrong to get into the spirit of green beer and pretending you're Irish on this one day of the year?

The green dye really doesn't affect the beer all that much.

What's your take?


  1. I am sure ill be the only one, but I just don't see the hype in St Paddys Day. Dress up in green, drink some green beer, and have some fun. Why don't we do this on Canada day and drink red beer?

    All in all, It is a good excuse to get drunk and have some fun. There is no harm to be found aside from the harm stupid people bring to the day by driving or taking it too far. I do think Canadians as a whole take St Paddys Day a little far, but if fun is to be had, have some fun!

    I still wish we had red beer (dyed) for Canada day :) Maybe we should start a tradition...

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