Friday, March 23, 2012

Cottage Country Cream Ale



Can I keep going?



If you're looking for a minimalist beer with a really smooth and lightly creamy taste, you'll like Muskoka Brewery's flagship Cream Ale. I have a lot of friends who can't stand really hoppy beer, so this is an ale I'd recommend to them.

It's similar to Sleeman Cream Ale in its orangey colour, but is a bit darker, and similarly has a subtle floral scent to it.  I found an earthy taste popped out much more in Muskoka's.  Makes it more fitting for a cottage getaway.

Since my recent discovery that most beers I adore have Cascade hops in them, I was surprised to read that this cream ale uses them.  I didn't quite get that same Cascade taste I've been training myself to recognize, but at only 20 IBU I suppose not all beers will whack you with their hops. I do like knowing that it's in there though...

Confucius?  Well this is Muskoka Brewery's first brew, and Confucius did say: "Study the past if you would define the future."

...So grab a 6'er of this 5%'er, and compare it to one of their newer beers like their Mad Tom IPA.  If you buy it at the LCBO, you might find one that has a free Muskoka bottle opener attached.

Happy weekend everyone.

My Recco's
Food: Barbecue up a burger and pair it with this cream ale.
Music: Since it's local, here's a local track for you: Elliott Brood - Northern Air

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