Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brooklyn, Oh How I Love Your Accents

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager!  This is how I express my love for you.... limerick song.

In Brooklyn this lager was famous
and so was my dear uncle Shamus
he drank quite a few
got locked up, he was through
but got out, as so do the famous!

And you use Cascade hops.  I knew I loved a lager for a reason!

To all the fine establishments that I've had this wonderful brew at - thank you.

How does it taste?  I believe the only way to describe it is through...


five point two percent
an american amber
dry-hopped perfection

bitter caramel
strong and floral aroma
desire for more

I'm not usually a big fan of lagers, but for years I've been a really big fan of Brooklyn Brewery's work; this lager being my introduction to the brewery a few years back.
Brooklyn brewery itself is one to look up to, as it supports numerous charitable organizations and is involved in quite a few non-for-profits.

My Recco's
Food: Chicken Wellington
Music: The Lordz of Brooklyn feat. Tim Armstrong - Outlaw

Fine establishments in Toronto where you can get Brooklyn Lager
Bier Markt

..if you know of any others, tell me where!

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