Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beer Bistro, what a Glorious Cascade...

If you've not been to the Beer Bistro at King and Yonge, Toronto, you are truly missing out on a fabulous French dining experience coupled with some of the finest beer you will rarely be able to find elsewhere north of the border.

I started with the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

The Californian favourite of mine went really well with my eggs benedict; a benny, that instead of the traditional English muffin, was on a gorgeous potato latke.

Sticking with the bold list, I then had a beautiful Avery Brewing IPA.  After such a succulent hollandaise sauce, I probably should have gone with a double IPA to really transition from meal-to-post-meal, but I was all too excited to see a Colorado IPA on the menu.  There was something oh so wonderfully familiar about Avery's IPA that upon looking it up, I realized I have a certain hop preference: Chinook.  I like it.  I like it a lot actually.

Chinook is used in Stone IPA, Ranger IPA, and probably so many more IPA's that I've had - and of course I hadn't realized.  The Cascade hop is also in Avery's IPA, which, well what do ya know, so does Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


Time to add some additional labels to my posts.  Malts I've got my eye on you too.

Know of any other beer that use Chinook or Cascade?  Or know of another hop that you think I'd fall head over heals with and want to buy scented candles that effervesce of their scent? Let me know, s'il vous plaĆ®t.

My Recco's
Food: Orange flavoured dark chocolate cake
Music: Motley Crew - Afraid


  1. The real question is who's awesome beer is also in this picture??

  2. Cascade is REALLY common in west coast ales. Whenever you've had an American craft beer with that grapefruity taste, there's a good chance it has at least some Cascade.

    Centennial and Amarillo are good comparables if you want to explore similar styles.

  3. Ah, Barry, the other beer... well, off the 'Crisp' menu, that's a Czechvar. I ordered it, fully forgetting it's a pilsner, for a gentleman who's more into American, big box, lagers - I still feel quite bad about it today.

    Ryan, throw me a couple of names you think I can get in Toronto that have any of Cascade, Centennial, or Amarillo, please!


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