Friday, February 24, 2012

My Night of Work and Lagery

Hadn't had this one before tonight.

So thanks to La Carnita, I ended up with this Muskoka Brewery Craft Lager.  Again, really, thanks - it's 10:45pm on a Friday and I'm working.  Sure sure, I'm taking a quick break to write this post, but I'm working away.  Who goes out on Friday nights anymore anyways?

Well, IF I were to go out on a Friday night, I might pick a few of these Craft Lager's up next time.  They're a surprisingly 4.8%, which is only surprising because I hadn't realized that Muskoka Brewery produced anything light, having been a frequent buyer of their 5% Cream Ale and 6.4% Mad Tom IPA.  But anyway, a 4.8%er is good for one of those loooong session nights where you know you'll be at it for a while.

Now, as you may have realized by now, I'm more of an ale fan.  But in terms of the lagers I've had, this one's pretty alright.  My favourite, being Brooklyn Brewery's Brooklyn Lager, is a lot stronger, but this one embodies what you would expect from a lighter lager with that distinct Muskoka taste.  That's a good taste, btw.

If you're a lager fan, or a Muskoka fan, I'd recco this beer.  If you're a light ale fan, maybe not so much, as lagers have a nice bitterness to them that take a bit of taste acquiring.


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