Friday, February 17, 2012

Monks, Those Enablers

It's days like these that make you want to leave society behind and go live in a monastery. Sit around and play the flute, paint calming symbols onto papyrus, and sit around in the adjacent meadows.

So I've been a bit busy with work and haven't had a chance to read my comments on here, let alone post something new, so here's something for you, along with my sincere "I'll do better".

Greene King Abbot Ale: Sometimes you have to choose the tallboys in your fridge so that your plights will have more beer to drown in.

That's the plan for tonight.  Cans.

If anything, Abbot Ale will make you dream of never reaching that gorgeous meadow... that monastery in a secluded Swiss mountain... that aerial view of precipices vast, only because such rich fruity, malty flavour is being suppressed by being .. in a can.

My Recco's
Food: Nothing. Your fridge is as empty as a tunnel with no light at the end.
Music: Atmosphere - The Best Day.  Then, the 1990's Spiderman TV show theme, on repeat.

My Additional Recco:
Pour it out of the can and release all of the glory.

NB: I'm not really all that upset right now.