Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'll have a draft beer. To go, please.

Recently I received a message from some folks over at, on account of our matching web addresses.

Turns out they produce a New Jersey based beer show that's broadcast on their YouTube channel.  Who would've thought - "Drink This" would be so synonyms with the nectar of the cool gods.

While checking them out, I came across this video, where the host talks to Jack Babin, and Tony Forder, the co-publishers of the Ale Street News.  The free, print, newspaper has been around for 21 years, and is as of March 20th, 2012, introducing their first product: A take home beer container.

Yes, you read that correctly.  A portable beer carton that brewpubs can fill up with beer, and you can take it... with you.

Do me a favour - check these guys out:  I may not live the in United States of Take Out Beer, and walking out of a bar with cartons full of your favourite draft seems like something I dreamt up, but come March 20th, I'm definitely going to try and get these bad boys up here in Toronto.

Think about the opportunities!  Imagine this:  You have time to grab one drink at the pub because you have to rush home to pick up the kids, and your favourite local is having a one-night-only cask event, with twenty different once-in-a-lifetime beers available.
mon Dieu!
You can maybe throw two down really quickly, but you'd feel bad for not taking the time to taste and respect the bev.  What if you could take these one-time-only brews home with you? Say, choose six of the twenty, rush home, feed little Molly and Steve, and sit down with the significant other and enjoy 6 pints from the comfort of your own home.

Now that's just crazy talk! ...Right?

Nope!  I can't wait to hear how this March 20th product launch goes in the States, and want to know if Canadian laws would let such a thing happen here.  Something to think about barVolo?

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