Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'd like to Meet this Mad Tom

What one would call a true IPA.

...One of the truest I've had, that's for sure.  Muskoka Brewery's Mad Tom IPA just plain yells comfort beer.  It's one of those 6er's you can grab when feelin' like you need a 6er, and turn any mood into a party.

As for some deets: it's 6.4%, craft, and has over 60 IBU's; plus ya gotta love the clear label.  The label makes me think of sittin' on the dock of the bay... watchin the tiiiiide roll away..... (ooo hooo hoooo)

This post has been a long time coming for me, as the first time I tried Mad Tom was back in September of last year at Toronto's Premium Beer Experience, during Toronto Beer Week, the night before I left for Chicago for the 3rd time in 2011 - this time to go to my first ever American Football game: CHICAGO BEARS vs GREEN BAY PACKERS.  How fitting that this coming weekend is Superbowl weekend eh?

The story?
I tried it, I liked it, I wanted more.  I even snagged a lovely lookin' gentleman's number that first night.
Since then, I've had my fair share of Sir Tom.  I typically reach for one of these when I'm either looking forward to a nice evening at home watching cartoons, or before I head out to do the standard weekend dinner/pub/bar ritual.

My Recco's
Food: Salmon risotto
Music: Men at Work: Land Down Under.  Seriously, if you've never watched this video, you'll love me for introducing you to it.

As for Sunday's big game: Go Patriots!

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  1. Great hoppy beer. I think it's the best one from this brewery.


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