Friday, February 3, 2012

Arret Indeed

Having one of these St. Ambroise Pale Ale's tonight, reminded me why I like beer.

For years I've avoided Quebec beer.  8 and 9 years ago I was drinking a lot of different QC brews, trying anything I could find.  I visited Quebec a few times between '04 and '09, visiting a few micro brasseries, and just didn't ... like... anything.

Well, quelle surprise.

Maybe my total lack of love for the Montreal Canadiens got it in my head that anything from Montreal couldn't be acceptable.  Well tonight, St. Ambroise's given me a ray of sunshine in the form of a pale ale.

This beautiful brew is 5%, 100% Canadian, has a best before date stamped onto the bottle's label, and is so delightfully amber, it tastes like maltiness and hoppiness were put onto a balancing scale, and formed St. Ambroise Pale Ale right at the perfect balance.

I've missed pale ales.  I've been spending so much time with IPA's recently, that I've forgotten how beautiful a pale ale can be.  My taste for good beer has grown ever so much over the last decade, that I'm happy (and slightly embarrassed to say it's taken this long) that Quebec beer is back on my list.
Another great thing about this pale ale - this 4-pack was a gift.  Thanks Lily!

My Recco's
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