Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruination Inspired Poetry

If my last post was about being stoned, I've definitely upgraded my stash.

I was lucky enough to be given a Stone Ruination IPA this month (thanks Ryan!), which was an upgrade from my last post about Stone IPA.

This is what I thought from my sample:

- Over 100IBU's made it nice and hoppy.  Not too hoppy, where you think you'll taste hops for a month, but bitter enough, and yet, with a smooth finish.

- 7.7% but no crazy "why is this beer so strong, it would be good if it wasn't" taste!

There's something about the way Stone brews their beer that I can't help but want to move to California to have direct access to it at all times... not that one would need more of a reason than the constant sun and palm trees.  Plus, have you seen the Hotel Del Coronado:   An ice rink right by the beach!! All I would ever need.

To say that the Ruination is "a liquid poem to the glory of the hop" is a wonderful thought to have in mind while drinking one. such, I've written Stone Ruination a haiku, for your reading pleasure:

Strong hoppy flavor
Bitter like cool summer nights
Smooth malty finish


  1. You're quite welcome!

    I hope that this beer
    Did not obstruct your healing
    Too much. Screw Flanders.


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