Thursday, January 5, 2012

Revolutionizing Beer: Accessories and Social Marketing

...Wear your brew-passion.

Dogfish Head Brewery just posted a link to a bottle-opener pendant whose design depicts different American brewery locations - how cool!

So of course, this got me thinking two things:

1. Perfect time to shamelessly self promote my super gorgeous bottle cap earrings, and

2. What other possibilities are out there?

Now, we've all seen those coasters of city maps similar to these of brewery locations, bottle opener rings, and credit card shaped bottle openers, but what if it doesn't have to stop there?  What if breweries banned together to create some sort of a "Craft Beer Collect 'em All" line of products that would enable fans of breweries to get acquainted with brews that they may not already be familiar with, and incentivize them to interact with all of them?

Think about it, a charm bracelet for the ladies, with charms that you can pick up at each brewery.  They  might even have slots where each charm fits into.  Rings with the brewery logo or shield on them.  Bottle openers with the same.

From here, why just wear your brew-passion.  Why not have it take you places?

With each "Craft Beer Collect 'em All" item comes a QR code, or a PIN that you can enter online at each of the breweries' websites.  The result wouldn't even have to be a prize per say, but could be a cool tidbit of information about an upcoming brew --- or think even bigger, it could be a nation-wide scavenger hunt where you collect pieces of a digital puzzle whenever you enter a PIN on a brewery's website, and once all the pieces are together, it reveals the location of a huge beer event, one where only those who have collected enough pieces of the puzzle can attend.... The possibilities.. they're endless!

Whoa... ok... that was intense.

Feel like discussing this with me over a nice craft?  Sure; it'll be on you, of course.


  1. Thanks for mentioning our Bottle Opener pendants :) By the way, we're giving one away through our Facebook page (

  2. I think craft beer heading more and more in this direction. It's slowly becoming more "youthful" and blending art/culture/food/fashion into one grass-roots production. Great earrings, interesting ideas.


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