Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Ranger From The South

My first Coloradonian.

Naw, not really, but I just wanted to say that.

Got to try New Belgium's Ranger IPA from their Explore Series when I was at a friend's house in Chicago in December.  I'd love to know why it's called the Explore Series..

It was a really bitter IPA, and I think I'd have enjoyed it even more served extra cold in a pint glass.  I had it out of the bottle, which was a lot slimmer than most.  Checked it out though, and the malt gave it a nice caramel-like colour.

If you're a typical hop-head you'd love this IPA.  It had that lasting hoppy flavour that reminded you that you were drinking a real beer - a flavour you don't get when throwing back ... mass produced American beer.

A cool thing was that the Ranger was 6.5%.  I may not be a cicerone or anything (...yet... =O! ) but I couldn't taste that extra 1.5%.  Sure it was bitter, but most good IPA's are.

Coming as a fun surprise to me, this bad boy is from the same family as Fat Tire, which is a fruitier amber ale that I like to dabble in when I find it on tap.  ...segway!  My next post will depict a draft line up with just that.

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