Thursday, January 26, 2012

It Won't Take Me 60 Minutes to Drink This

"60 IBU, 6.0%, over 60 hop additions, over a 60-minute boil". I like how they name their beer.

I got to try Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA in Chicago.  It was the first and only Dogfish Head beer I'm yet to have, so this was a nice little treat.  ..I'm still dying to try the Google beer they've done..

Now, I've labelled this beer as "strong" cuz it's over 5%.  I was surprised, since this WAS only 6%, that the label "strong" came to mind with this beer though; I could clearly taste the difference when drinking it.

This was a really crisp IPA.  It was pretty bitter, and I personally wouldn't be able to knock these back through a night, but one or two to start out is deeeelightful.

All too often to I say this, but to yet another American brewery - Dogfish Head, please come to Canada.  We need you up here.

Side thought - Dogfish are pretty cool combinations of animals, so I've thought up a few more:

- CatBird ..would it chase itself??
- HippoCock .. hahah seriously, how funny would a hippopotamus + peacock look?
- IguanaRaffe .. HOW FRIGHTENING would an iguana + giraffe be, eh?!

My Recco's
Food: Crab encrusted seared tuna, side asparagus
Music: Lagwagon


  1. I agree, I wish we could get it in Ontario. I believe there are other places in Canada where you can get it. The LCBO is the big problem. Next time you are there try the 90 minute and 120 minute. The 60 minute has 60 IBU (the higher the number the more bitter or hoppy) the 120 minute is 120 IBU. It is nuts. Alexander Keiths is 20 IBU to give some sense of scale.

    Some local beer that I find fairly close to the Dogfish are Mad Tom from Muskoka Brewery which has an IBU of 62. My personal favourite is Hoptical Illusion from Flying Monkeys which is an amazing brewery. Although it is not as hoppy as the others it is nice and flowery and kicks ass on tap.

  2. Totally. I was looking for the 90 and 120, but was 1. scared of the amount of hops that would hit me, and 2. only starting my night ;)

    Love the Mad Tom - I've got a post about it coming up, and LOVE Hoptical Illusion. The Grindhouse Burger Bar has it on tap, and it's just stupendous!

    1. Don't fear the 90 and 120! The extra bitterness is fairly well balanced by the bigger body, so no flavour is ever too dominant. I think the 90 is the best beer Dogfish has made, and they've made a lot of great beers (I'd probably put them in my top five breweries).

      The 60 was available at the LCBO for a while a couple of years ago. Hopefully that brewer-retailer relationship can be rekindled at some point, because they're probably the most consistently great producer in the northeast.


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