Thursday, January 26, 2012

It Won't Take Me 60 Minutes to Drink This

"60 IBU, 6.0%, over 60 hop additions, over a 60-minute boil". I like how they name their beer.

I got to try Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA in Chicago.  It was the first and only Dogfish Head beer I'm yet to have, so this was a nice little treat.  ..I'm still dying to try the Google beer they've done..

Now, I've labelled this beer as "strong" cuz it's over 5%.  I was surprised, since this WAS only 6%, that the label "strong" came to mind with this beer though; I could clearly taste the difference when drinking it.

This was a really crisp IPA.  It was pretty bitter, and I personally wouldn't be able to knock these back through a night, but one or two to start out is deeeelightful.

All too often to I say this, but to yet another American brewery - Dogfish Head, please come to Canada.  We need you up here.

Side thought - Dogfish are pretty cool combinations of animals, so I've thought up a few more:

- CatBird ..would it chase itself??
- HippoCock .. hahah seriously, how funny would a hippopotamus + peacock look?
- IguanaRaffe .. HOW FRIGHTENING would an iguana + giraffe be, eh?!

My Recco's
Food: Crab encrusted seared tuna, side asparagus
Music: Lagwagon