Friday, December 16, 2011

Which wood? Why, Wychwood! My Kinda Wood.


I JUST realized how close it is to Christmas so I figured I'd better start drinking specialty beer that reminded me of the holidays, and Wychwood's Bah Humbug December seasonal 5% beer was too perfect.  Plus I've been on such a UK bevy kick that this goes all too well.

Did you know that Wychwood has a seasonal beer PER MONTH?  Yea! Check it.  I am super excited to try April's Hot Chocolate, and July's Cherry Picker. Mmmmmmm hot choooooclate beer.

While perusing their site, I'd have to say I was super duper pleased.  It really got into the "Brewers of character" (their tagline) spirit, and I felt like I was in the realm of the Wychwood forest, sipping forbidden ale and scouring the trees for an evil goblin... a Hob-goblin perhaps? Oh, lovers of Wychwood will get that reference :)  And if you didn't - they have a beer called Hobgoblin.

Beer-wise, it had a semi-sweet taste that had the perfect amount of spice and cloves to it - when I said this was a Christmas spiced ale, I wasn't kidding.  They know what their doing with taste v naming over there.

One fun fact is that Wychwood is of the same Marston family that my believed organic Duchy hails from.  Those Marston's know a little something about good beer.

LL recco:  Give'r a go this holiday season.  Pop on The Pogues Fairytale of New York and open up some fresh, moist, fruit cake to go along with it.

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