Friday, December 2, 2011

Probably The Only Beard I'll Let Near My Face

So two weeks ago I had the pleasure of purchasing and trying Muskoka Brewery's Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout (Winter Beard). Coming in at 8%, just one glass of this bad boy made me quite the happy lady. It's what I'd consider my type of beer to pour into a wine glass, and pretend to be having a beautiful syrah, whilst the rest of the ladies chug down their grapes.

As a femme, anything with a chocolate undertone is fantastic in my books, and this stout was no different.  Plus, as a stout, the ever-so-slight carbonation made it such a sipping beverage that I think it's perfect to grab a few more and serve them at an upcoming holiday party.

I probably shouldn't like this, but I left about one glass for the last 2 weeks in the bottle and had it tonight. .. I still liked it.  Sorry, sorry, but I did.  Plus I tasted the cranberry a lot more! How festive!


  1. Great your style and glad you enjoyed this brew. It was brewed as a sipper and I'm right with you on enjoying it from a wine glass.

    This beer will also age very well so grab a few bottles to enjoy next holiday'll blow you away.

    I have a few bottles of 2010 that are about ready to drink...just throwing that out there...


  2. More importantly: you are anti-beard?!

  3. @Mike: I picked up two bottles to keep for next year - I'm stoked! Exactly what date will those 2010's be ready to drink? :)

    @Ruhee: YES. VERY.

  4. This beer is STRONG. Good, but STRONG. So if you're enjoying it on a Tuesday....stick to a few half-pints.

  5. That is definitely great advice. I had a few last Thursday and realized how strong it was Friday morning!


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