Monday, December 5, 2011

My Liege!


Ok... now that that's out...

Last weekend I finally cracked open my Southern Tier Imperial Pumpkin Ale: Pumking.  Southern Tier has not failed me yet, and this time, it didn't just not fail me (like my double negative?) it exceeded my utmost expectations of what I thought a children's holiday could do for my life.

Kids... they get all the candy.  I remember that sad day when I was ...14... and I realized I was too old to go trick or treating when the first three houses told me I was too tall and not dressed up enough.  What, my Wonder Woman mask wasn't good enough?  It's not my fault I had a huge growth spurt at a young age!  I still liked free candy!

Well, the joke's on them now, because I've got something better: Pumking.  Seriously, this was the best pumpkin *anything* I've ever had.  Pumpkin pie?  Chuck it.  Pumpkin Spiced Latte?  Cya.  Pumking - you are my Autumn liege.

So here's the problem: Both of my local LCBO's are out of it, and I only got one.  One.

Also, it was raining today, and I walked into a store sign because my umbrella was blocking my view.

I implore you, my kind, fellow, lovers of such things liquid - if you find a Pumking, please tell me where, so I can once again taste that sweet, light, yet 8.6% imperial ale, that has gained my taste-buds' allegiance.