Monday, December 5, 2011

My Liege!


Ok... now that that's out...

Last weekend I finally cracked open my Southern Tier Imperial Pumpkin Ale: Pumking.  Southern Tier has not failed me yet, and this time, it didn't just not fail me (like my double negative?) it exceeded my utmost expectations of what I thought a children's holiday could do for my life.

Kids... they get all the candy.  I remember that sad day when I was ...14... and I realized I was too old to go trick or treating when the first three houses told me I was too tall and not dressed up enough.  What, my Wonder Woman mask wasn't good enough?  It's not my fault I had a huge growth spurt at a young age!  I still liked free candy!

Well, the joke's on them now, because I've got something better: Pumking.  Seriously, this was the best pumpkin *anything* I've ever had.  Pumpkin pie?  Chuck it.  Pumpkin Spiced Latte?  Cya.  Pumking - you are my Autumn liege.

So here's the problem: Both of my local LCBO's are out of it, and I only got one.  One.

Also, it was raining today, and I walked into a store sign because my umbrella was blocking my view.

I implore you, my kind, fellow, lovers of such things liquid - if you find a Pumking, please tell me where, so I can once again taste that sweet, light, yet 8.6% imperial ale, that has gained my taste-buds' allegiance.

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  1. Dude! This is the greatest pumpkin beer ever, hands down. You know why? It actually tastes like pumpkin. So many breweries produce really mild tasting fall beers. That's fine and dandy, but give me flavour!

    Btw - if you don't already have it, download the lcbo app. You can search for any product and it will tell you what store has it.


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