Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Crafts, Chicago, O'Toole's Good Times - Cya 2011!

So I went back to Chicago again this year - sure glad I did!

That's a photo of Timothy O'Toole's, coincidentally on the corner of Ontario and North Fairbanks.  I've spent some good time there this year, and I recommend that place to everyone who's passing through the city.  Plus if you are ever in town, look for Dustin, Jayme, and Jim, the bartenders - they're great at recommending bottles (or draft) that you'll love.  And you won't miss the gorgeous servers!

Their current beer menu's pictured here, and every time I see it there are another few American micros that I'm super excited to see since they don't ship to Canada. You'll see a few posts on a bunch of these in the days to come, but my first one will have to be the seasonal Goose Island Christmas Ale.  My kind of Christmas craft.

Now I'm not your typical brown ale fan, and I mean, I've had some GORGEOUS Goose Island ales, but since it was lighter than all of the chocolate stouts I've had this season, and heavier than any of the Christmas ale's I've had, (I've decided to compare it to those); I thought it was alllllright :).  It did a nice job of being bottle drinkable, which I find rare in darker browns.  Plus, you can't say no to a seasonal - you'll never be able to try it if you don't, right then and there...

Kind of like my trip to Chi-Town this time. I'd never thought I'd reach my 4-trips-in-one-year-to-one-city goal if I hadn't decided to head over at 6am after Christmas!

If you make it out to O'Toole's, say a friendly hi to the staff there, and tip well, they're great.

Happy New Years folks!

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