Friday, December 9, 2011

...and the Gardens of the Elders were filled with...

Elderflower!  Badger Golden Champion was so good that I bought another the next day.

Now, I instantly knew it was from the UK because the label said it was a strong beer... of 5%.  Oh United Kingdom.

But seriously, this beer tasted like what eating a fresh spring day in a Switzerland meadow would taste like. The elderflower in it just gives it an unbelievable floral scent that's not lost in the taste, and is so delicately, beautifully fresh, that you feel like wrapping it up in warm blanket, sitting next to it on the couch, and watching Christmas specials with it.


Anyhoo, the one thing that I wasn't sure about with this beer was the label.  I feel like it doesn't quite match the pretty flavour.  But lo and behold, the website displays a much prettier version of the bottle and label, one that I hope is still in production.  Maybe this one (shown in this post) is just used over in the UK.  I'd be quite interested in knowing which was older/newer and if they were both being used in present times.

Right. Try this beer.


  1. Beer fact of the day: In the UK, any beer %5abv or higher must be labeled as "strong" ale!

    Beer taxation was based on alcohol strength so historically there was incentive to produce lower ABV beers.

  2. Reallllly! So how far back does that go then? That's a nice fact to know.

  3. The label off the website (bottom pic) is the new one that was brought out in the summer.


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