Friday, November 18, 2011

Polish Beer FTW

Me: "Do you sell beer?"
Bartender: "Yes, what would you like, Polish or Russian?"
Me: "Polish."
Bartender gives me a Svyturys Ekstra.
Me: "I've never had this beer before."
Friend: "What, you have something against Polish beer?"
Me: "Nope.  I've had most Polish beer available in Toronto.  This is Lithuanian."

Pravda, really?

I mean, if you're only going to offer two beer options, at least get the countries right.
I should have stayed and asked for a Russian beer.  My guess: it would have been Czech.

As a side note, the Ekstra tasted like what one would assume a fresh out of the brewery Steamwhistle would taste like.  Being a pale lager, it sure tasted pilsner-ish to me.