Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grolsch, not so Grossche

Yes, I know - clever title ;)

So, I had a Grolsch today.  Being in a green bottle, most of the Grolsch I've ever had has been slightly skunky.  It's such an unfortunate thing when the beer inside has so much delicious flavour, but rarely reaches its customer like that.

Now sure, a fresh one that wasn't messed up by sitting in the sun for days or something would be amazing, but that's difficult to find at many Toronto bars, reason being, when you to go a bar with a medium sized selection, they may not sell as much of certain types, so they end up sitting around for longer.

In today's case, I got a good one. YAY.  It t just reminded me of all the bad ones I've had, and I decided to post my thought:

When at a bar, don't hate a beer if it's not the best quality that it could be, because it may not be the best seller there.  Buy it at the LCBO or beer store and give it a go then.

Also, my other thought of the day: Why can't the Leafs beat Boston this season?? 6-2, 7-0, and 6-3 tonight.  We've got their Kessel!

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