Saturday, November 12, 2011


On October 30th, I had the opportunity to volunteer and go to Cask Days, put on by BarVolo, a speciality beer bar in Toronto.

I volunteered to get to know the cask scene and try some cool beer, both of which I did a bit of.

The venue was gorgeous - I'd never actually been to the Hart House before.  It was cold, but the beer seemed to keep everyone quite warm.

The guys at BarVolo put on a great event.  There were cask ales from all over Canada.  Fullers also made a special appearance which was fantastic.

I got to meet some really great people and stayed for the night session to try many of the cask ales.  I'd have to say my favourite was Muskoka Brewery's Not So Pale Galactic Ale Black IPA.  It was something around 8.5%, almost black, and one of the best IPA's I've ever had!! It was so low on carbonation that it went down almost.. maybe even just as smoothly as Guinness does for me.  Thanks Muskoka!

All in all fun times, but let me tell you: going to BarVolo's cask seminars the day before, drinking all day, going out for a Hallowe'en party at night, and volunteering to serve beer all day the next morning is not recommended.  That my friends, is what they call a CaskOver.


  1. I was hurting for days after that weekend. Thanks again for spilling that IPA on me. Nothing like spending an entire weekend with beer and walking home smelling like it. ;)


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