Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caps & Bottles Killin Me: What to Build!

I've been collecting bottle caps for a while now.  My dad topped a coffee table with pennies which is really awesome, so I always figured I'd use them to top a coffee table with too.  But now I've been thinking that I could probably do something else really cool with these bad boys.

Any ideas?

Some of my ideas so far have been:
- a collection of photo frames
- creating a personal crest
- kitchen platters
- book cover
- table top


  1. I got part way through cementing mine to the garage wall, but gave up as too fiddly and messy. My next plan is to glue them to the outside gate, stroll on summer.

    Some of the more decorative ones could make nice earrings, but I don't think they'd suit me ;-)

  2. Ahh, I see you've done the earrings already ->


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