Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oldest beer in the world, eh?

Apparently the Bier Markt was selling the world's oldest beer. I had to have it.

Weihenstephan, a German, wheat beer, brewed in Freising, Bavaria, was apparently brewed back in 1040AD.

As I am slightly allergic to wheat beers (I know, I'm sad too) I was able to have but a small taste.

It tasted like a good wheat beer.

Jupiler though, that you see to the right of the Weihenstephan, is a Belgian pale lager that was quite delicious.

Most people believe that Belgium has some of the world's best beer because of all the Trappist Ales, and yes, I've had some nice glasses of Duvel, and Leffe.  Jupiler (I warn you, I'm linking to their actual site...which is in Dutch) though, has been, one of the nicest Belgium beer I've tried to date.  It was very light bodied, had a clean start to finish, and barely any after taste; almost a dry after taste, and was 5.2% - it's always nice for that extra 0.2% to be around.

To all those Leffe Blonde fans, I recommend trying this pale lager. Don't hate it because it's different; it's one of the most popular beers in Belgium.