Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Map Room

September 2011 - Chicago - The Map Room

After reading that this bar was the 5th Best Beer Bar in America, and knowing that I was staying very close to it, I had to give it a go.

Did you know that The Map Room allows one to order food from any restaurant or bring your own, and sit there and eat as if it's your very own home? Sure, you have to purchase a few drinks, but what an idea! Let the bar focus on the beer that it's serving you, and nothing else that typical pubs have to deal with. Brilliant!

In my attempt to get a proper Canadian breakfast here in the States, my wonderful companion and I ordered up some breakfast. Not thinking about where I was (the USofA) and being worried that I wouldn't have enough maple syrup, we ordered twelve servings. 12. Oh yes, I forgot, everything's supersized. Whoops.

Aside from the food fumble [oh yea, I was down in Chicago this time to see the Bears v Packers game. Yes, I'm now also a football fan] I had two incredible beers here.

The first was Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale from Australia. With no preservatives, and a "best if drank after" stamp on it, it's claim to fame was the sediment that is kept in the bottle. It's 5.8% was barely noticable due to it's highly amusing paticles floating around. After being scared to drink it at first, it turned out to be a great tasting, easy to drink ale. It had both the fruitiness and hoppiness that I love in an ale, with the added bonus of watching the sediment swirl around.

The second beer I had here was Chicago's own Half Acre's Captain Fantasy Saison Ale. I'd let this captain sail through my fridge any day. It was sweet for a 7% ale, and very refreshing.

And with that, I left Chicago once again. Happy to have visited the Map Room and hope to one day return.