Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh the Pride: Alexander Keith's Tartan Ale

After being purchased by the Labatt brewing company a few years ago, Alexander Keith's Ales have had the opportunity to be re-worked into many different flavours and styles. I for one, am a big fan of this. They've kept the original recipe in tact, and altered it to create beers such as this Tartan Ale.

It was Spring 2011. It would have been better if it was fall for my description of the beer to work *really* well, but I can't control the seasons yet.

The way I can describe this ale is as follows:

Have you ever sat on a front porch, watching the red and orange leaves fall ever so slowly in a quiet but existing breeze? You pull a hoodie on, or a toque if you're so inclined, and twist the cap off of pure pride; Alexander Keith's Tartan Ale. With one sip, you are engulfed with the glory of autumn and the history of Scotland. With the next, your thoughts move to New Scotland, and a 25 year old brew master. Finally with the third sip, your mind returns to the porch. The reality of what was just leaves falling in autumn, is now encapsulated with the appreciation of over a hundred years of Canadian history.

Go ahead, take that forth sip.

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