Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pumpkin Juice.. I'd drink it.

August 2011 - Chicago - O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer.

OK so it's not pumpkin juice, but if you've ever wanted to throw Thanksgiving's pumpkin pie into a blender and drink it because you can't fit any more food into you like I have, then this is your solution.

It really was like pumpkin pie in a glass. And bonus! 5.6% to boot.

I really recommend this place Kuma's Corner. Apparently the wait is one hour no matter when you show up, but for the specialty beer available, and the enormous burgers, if you're not a fan of heavy metal as your dining experience music, bring headphones and try it out.

I also had Wells Banana Bread beer brewed by Wells & Young's Ltd in the UK. A really tasty 5.2% fruit beer that truly tasted like banana bread. The next time you have a craving for those carbs, I recommend getting them through Wells Banana Bread Beer.

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