Monday, October 3, 2011

Cider! OK, let's talk.

When my friend Nick told me he had followed his dream and started brewing a cider, I just had to try it.

September 2011 - Toronto - Pommies Dry Cider

Now I'd never been the biggest cider fan, but if I see an unattended Pommies, I guarantee I will be remedying that.

Pommies is all natural, made with Ontario organically grown and manufactured apples. **Correction made, they're almost fully organic!** There's no added sugar or preservatives, and it packs the full punch of a proper bevy coming in at 5%.

With one sip, you might taste a dry pinot grigio, and with the next, apple juice! A 5% apple juice is something I will back up any day.


  1. Linda...what can I say? Thanks so much for the review and I'm really glad you're enjoying Pommies. I know how much you like beer so it means a lot. One point of clarification...we are not quite at the organic level as of yet for the apples but are really close and will hopefully at full organic soon...we do take pride in the fact that it's 100% juice though...with no concentrate.
    Please keep enjoying and thanks again :)
    PS Love the blog...well written and obviously a project of shows.

  2. Thanks Nick, and thanks again for the Pommies! Keep us updated with the organic status and whether it's available in any new spots. I had one at WVRST this past week, and it was as fantastic as usz.


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