Friday, October 7, 2011

I like hops

September 2011 - Chicago - Hop Whore

Can you tell that I like hops by now? I wouldn't call myself one of those hop-heads, but when I saw Tyranena Brewing Company's Hop Whore, I had to try it... after a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale of course. [Click on Beers, then Brewers gone Wild - I'm sure glad I had one, because apparently these Hop Whore's are next to impossible to find now.]

Still at Lush, I switched over to the hoppy side of the counter and didn't looked back. This American IPA from Wisconsin was good, and for a 7.5% beer, it sure went down a lot smoother than I thought it would.

As for the story here.. In an attempt to keep my wits alert for the night, I refused any other type of alcohol, because as we all know, beer lasts longer than a shot. What I did not take into account was the number of hours I was trying to stay alert.

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