Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boston - Common - Lager

I'd like to solve the puzzle. Is it Boston, Common, Lager?
Boston, March 2009, Samuel Adams Boston Lager. As Dave Chappelle says about his Samuel L Jackson beer: it'll get ya drunk!

Yes, after hearing about this skit, I constantly ordered Samuel Adams at bars, just so I could say "I'll have a Samuel Adams, please" with the smug smile and head nod. It was fun, but as for his regular lager itself, I find it to be a little too thick to be a "get ya drunk" kind of beer. I recommend it when you're in it to have under 5 beers, and you want them to last the night.

Thankfully, Boston has an enormous amount of microbreweries on Landsdowne, just down the street from Fenway, and the House of Blues where I was seeing the Dropkick Murphys play their St. Patrick's day shows.

How'd I get to Boston? Well, I was cleaning my good friend's house because I had absolutely nothing else to do, when his roommate came home with a 2-4 of Keith's (he was from Halifax). I told him that two friends of mine were going to Boston for St. Patrick's Day and we decided to buy our bus tickets that night. Why not, right?

Of course, this was the year the recession really hit, and drinking in public at the parade was not allowed anymore. I've since then paid my $265 ticket and am looking forward to visiting Boston in the future.

The worst part? This was the second time I'd ever had a Sierra Nevada IPA.. and I was traded my 6er for that $265 ticket... ooo, didn't think I'd leave this post with just Sam Adams, did you? Ah yes, Sierra Nevada.. I have a certain love affair with this brew that you can read about in a future post.

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