Saturday, September 10, 2011

Multipacks and Quebec Brasseries

Keith's traditional? Bring on the multipack with the variety of flavours.


I had never tried Alexander Keith's Traditional Lager, so here I was: A new city, a new beer. That's my motto.

It was much more flavourful than any other Keith's I'd ever had, but in a different way than regular Keith's. It was stronger, and slightly more malty tasting. Maybe it's malt, I can't be sure. I'd like to try it again to see what I think nowadays.

Aside from seeing Paul McCartney that very same night, and walking 10 miles home due to the entire city playing a cruel 'hide-the-cab' trick on me, I'd say the best part, beer-wise, was the Traditional Lager.

The one microbrewery I had the pleasure of visiting was La Barberie Brewpub on Rue Saint Roch. From the stout, to the fruit, to the IPA, to the white, they all had extremely strong flavours that combined to make quite the platter in their sampler wheel of about 4 ounces each.

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