Monday, September 12, 2011

My First Pint of Guinness: Paris

October 2008. I decided to pick up and leave Toronto for a bit.

I was seeking life, love, and new experiences from around the world. What I got was something much better than expected: my first Guinness.

Paris, Rhubarb, the now closed Irish pub in the Latin Quarter, was the perfect stop for my two travelling companions and I. Sure, they ended up leaving me on a Parisian subway the next day, and "losing" me in the Louvre, but we all got along quite well with our Irish bartender pouring them the Rhubarb's famous martini's, and me, Guinness. To have my first pint poured by an Irishman, so close to Dublin? I'd say it was worth the subway abandonment.

To add to my love for Guinness, it is now my go-to beer when I need a starter on the road. Low cal, lighter than water; If I can't decide what local brew I want to start off with, I'll grab a Guinness to get the mind straight.

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