Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My First Amber: A Tale of Ten Beers

And now a tale from the Linda Lee archive.

It was the summer of 2008. My drinking buddy and I were hard at work, thinking of something to do that would give the day purpose. We had been working overtime for the past little while and were going to leave at 5pm on this day to enjoy the great outdoors... in a dark pub of our choice.
It was at this time that my drinking buddy had informed me that he had never been to a brewery in Toronto. I had to remedy this.

5pm came around, and we headed over to the Steam Whistle brewery in the lovely harbourfront area of Toronto. Alas, they were closed!

"To the iPhone!" I called out, and went on a search for possible alternatives. The next, closest brewery was Amsterdam, so I called. The gentleman on the phone informed us that their tours were not running at the time, but if we stopped by, he could let us sample a few of their brews..

..and sample we did. We sampled the blonde, the nut brown, the raspberry wheat, the pomegranate wheat, all four KLB's (Kawartha Lakes Brewing Co which Amsterdam brewery bought back in the early 2000's: the raspberry wheat, cream ale, premium pale ale, nut brown) and even the a stout (possibly the two fisted) from a small barrel.

We sampled so much in fact, that we left there at 4am.

The best part of this story is that I sampled my first Amber - Big Wheel. I had been nervous about anything not clear and blonde until then, and was afraid of it at first, but the moment that the sweet, amber bubbly hit my tongue, I was in serious-like. Since then, I've oft frequented the Grindhouse Burger Bar which has Big Wheel on tap, and it's always as delicious as the first time.

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