Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's not just about the Beer, it's about the People

I've been reading a ton of beer sites to support my goal of becoming a Certified Cicerone and have been learning a whole lot from them.  One in particular, Beer Universe, did something that really made me think about why I had this Cicerone goal: it listed a bunch of pubs and gave people the opportunity to write about their history, events, and types of beer that were available.  It writes about how many different types of beer were available too, which was pretty cool.  After seeing that most of the pubs I've visited in Toronto and Halifax were listed on the website, it got me to thinking about how, for me,  it's not just about the beer, it's about who I'm able to share it with.

I've spent some time travelling around (not as much as I'd like) visiting pubs that I've read about online, have been recommended to me, or heard about from locals.  The one thing that I adore about most of these places is that they care for both the beer they promote, and the customer reaction.  Think about it: you can sell the "best lager in all the land" but if it's not promoted well, and in turn, received well, what makes it the best?

I've also found that a lot of people who comment on beer blogs have a lot of negative things to say about the posts, be it that the beer in question is not hoppy enough, or is not really a  "beer" because it has added ingredients other than the standard four, or that it's simply not good because it's owned by a large manufacturer.  The great thing about the people that I tend to spend my time with over a pint or two is that they cherish not only the taste of a good beer, but the time that we're spending together over the pint.

Maybe I'm just blabbing on about nothing, but in my opinion, a beer is only as good as the people you're able to share it with.

..not the particular beer itself, I mean really, get your own pint.


  1. I do agree with you on this. I just got back from NY with some great friends. Honestly it didn't matter where we were whether it was the classiest of joints, or the deepest hole in the ground. The beer we drank was always delicious even if secretly, we didin't like it. Trying new beer became just as much of an adventure as trying a new place. Even the good ol PBR tasted better because we were in a new place with good friends. Did we try new things? Sure! Were they all winners? Heck No. Is that what we will remember in a year? Nope.

    And by the way, Pork Slap is quite a tasty beer.

  2. I agree. I find I can go to any bar and not have a good time but with the right company I can have a really good time, those times that pass too soon, and barely drink. I am a huge fan of friendship and sometimes a beer with a good friend can amount to an evening of drunkenness with acquaintances. I am enjoying the blog! Keep it up!

  3. Too true. And this is in no way to say that the quality of the beer can be bottom of the barrel or have gone bad and I'd still enjoy it because of the people I was with. My point is definitely still that a good pint of beer can taste sour if not in a good environment/situation.

    Good beer should be promoted and followed up on properly to have the best results.


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