Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ideas I've Had While Drinking Beer

I think the best ideas I've ever had have been formed while I'm having a good beer.  It's likely that the worst ideas I've ever had have also been formed while I'm drinking beer, but let's just focus on the good ones for this post.

1. Beer companies should start making beer food.

For example, in a previous post I spoke about Fuller's Red Fox Autumn Ale.  I wrote that the first and only thing that came to mind when drinking the nutty, malty, clean ale was that a slice of cheesecake in that very same flavour would probably be the best cheesecake this world has ever seen.  I mean, it would be so good that cheesecake fanatics and Cheesecake Factory regulars would end up getting wasted from their daily dose of cake.

A few other examples of beer that should be turned into its own food are: O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale pumpkin pie (obviously), Big Wheel whole wheat hamburger buns, Alexander Keith's Light pita bread, and Muskoka Mad Tom IPA chicken wing batter.

I mean, have you ever had Guinness ice cream?  They're onto something.

2. More food should be shaped like national symbols.  

I'm currently eating gummies shaped like maple leafs.  I would not be eating these if they weren't.

3. Spontaneous shoe music.

Someone should make a music video of regular people wearing heels that they grab off the street, spontaneously.  They'd tell them what beat to step to, walking back and forth, and it would make the coolest background track to an awesome hip hop song.

4. The Toronto Maple Leafs need more chants than GO LEAFS GO.  

Someone needs to fix this.  Oh, and a wicked cool goal song would be appreciated too.  Thanks.

5. Let me text you back.  Oh wait, it's winter.

Someone needs to come out with widely available touch screen gloves that don't make you look like you've just escaped from TRON. (  We need to protect ourselves from frostbite, not Sark.


  1. Nice blog. I didn't quite catch all that was going on under your fair furrow. I enjoyed the 2-Hop IPA at Cafe Volo on Saturday (say "Hi" to Amanda). And if you guys are ever out in the west end, try Bryden's - good food and good beer. Please drop me a line for any beery food for thought. Cheers, Nick (

  2. No way! TRON gloves! I prefer TRON gloves! now we need to have them glow blue ;)

  3. Have you seen the touchscreen gloves by Echo? So much nicer! I've tried the 'DesignTouch' ones on before, and they are super comfy (and work).


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