Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'd like some Irish Cream please

You can't go wrong with an Irish Cream Ale.

After smashing a mirror (seven years of bad luck, of course),
my amazing boss quitting,
finding out that I had pneumonia this past week, and being on delirium inducing meds,
missing Alexander Keith's birthday for the first time since I've been legal,
being unable to celebrate the Toronto Maple Leafs home opener,
and so many more things this week,
all I could think about was having a solid, proper, beer to ease my woes.
I missed Chicago, I was tired, and nothing was working out in the other many aspects of life that we all rely on to hold us together.

The Irish Embassy kept me from crawling in that corner and never coming back out.

Great environment there. I got to watch part of a couple games, hang out with a good friend, and kick back with a cream ale. Kilkenny is one of those cream ales that looks heavy to the untamed eye, but when you have the chance to try one, you're thrown into a world of floral calm. It's extremely low carbonation, smooth, creamy texture, and light to medium body will take all of your worries away. Highly recommended, especially at the Irish Embassy. They know how to keep the temperatures just right, so well in fact, that you might think you're actually in Ireland.

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